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Technology Awareness and Security

Technology Awareness and Security
March,5,2016 Blog

To make technology accessible and to ensure that service users are knowledgeable to use touch devices such as smart phones and tablets the mobile development companies are continuously updating the users, in order to present up to date information that mirrors changes in both technology and legal frameworks. Continuous advancements in the technology makes to raise awareness and for regular queries by developers also concerning the accessibility of existing or new products and services. Required information is to be sourced up and also the management of services such as end user testing and accessibility certification. Exercise of sessions giving id done for public awareness. The session gave a good practical overview of the assistive technology interface available in the smart phones like in I-phone 5, for persons with a visual impairment or intellectual or literacy difficulties. The apps are also developing which enables users to obtain information which was previously inaccessible, it’s a simple free app which allows users to take a picture and record a message.


Building an android application is not now too hard. Developers are developing applications with their features in mind but security is an afterthought, after successful development they again code for security. Legacy systems are required and they are getting critical these days to perform daily operations in the enterprise. The use of applications, their increasing demands in market and the rush to publish applications surpasses the need to code for a secured applications and software and it results in breaking the security ecosystem. The coders and the security professional’s defenders learn how to work together and resulting in making the applications more secured. But we need to be careful because a risk is one out of ten android apps leak personal information even in Google’s Play Store. Many apps are downloaded without any idea of the risks involved. As the developers only focus to relatively neglected aspects of security researches, which creates a support for good apps to leak personal information through the sites they interact with. As the popular apps interacts with malicious URLs which distributes a malware in the device, apps also harmed by the talked to bad websites and this talked is made with a intentions which varies from harming devices, stealing confidential data or annoying users with spam. The researchers also found that apps are also made that they are talked to low reputation websites, to websites containing material which is not good for children.

Users should limit the number of apps on their phones only to use those that they really need and review new apps before downloading them. Users should try to read the comments left by other app users which is a good security practice which can make users more informed about the app , help the users to take decisions about the app and they are able to decide what they put on their smart phones. With the view of security and decrease the data theft the latest version of android marshmallow has ability to selectively turn off app permissions even if it is more urgent. The applications of the smart phones can connect to a complicated network of websites, to do both firstly to function and generate advertising revenues to get the marketing and side business but most users don’t know their private information is also compromised in that complicated network. The apps in the Google Play store interact with websites that can compromise user security. As maximum population believe that if an app is popular and it is available on one of the big app stores then it must be safe but actually it is not the scenario all those apps available on big app store with a good name or it is popular app they may be unsafe they can try to eavesdrop your private information.

Building security architecture, security operations, legacy a perimeter-centric approaches to security are necessary for today’s digital business for the purpose of information security. The companies are also not using the software’s that was produced by them and due to that the team which works for the security of custom codes and who run scanning tools they have no idea of the quality of those software and type of codes that they did not develop. Each and every developer who is developing software has its own way to build them and fundamental way of building software is changing and changing quickly, with the constantly changing environment the way of verification and security of applications is also changing with it. The security of information cannot be solved on the basis of size or industry because the codes at earlier times and all the original codes are too long. The code libraries get outdated as the coding way and environment is changing and changed environment gives rise to new libraries and older get outdated and not updated. These outdated code libraries becomes problematic because when hackers are able to find a point of vulnerability, find a space to get inside and do spoofing in one library they can easily crack it and exploit hundred of applications.