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January,1,2016 Blog

New Year is a period of desire, of life, of adoration and allow you to overlook all your disdain and bring peace and amicability relations and as well as in society.  New Year brings new hope for everyone. The New Year fun and fervor as it marks the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar, January 01. It represents a fresh start of a new year after a period of remembrance of the passing year. Webuilt Technologies celebrated the New Year Party with their employees at Mohali. The New Year has dependably been an amazing event for everybody. Individuals approach their precious ones on this fabulous event. They attempt to commend the New Year with their friends and family with full joy. New Year points the end of the earlier year and onset of the coming year. This day is celebrated everywhere throughout the world. It is one of the greatest parts of occasions and everybody needs to go out and have a fabulous time at gathering.  New Year Party is flawless times when past memories are recalled and expected occasions are gotten ready for. So this time Webuilt Technologies celebrated the party with shaking music, exciting games, extraordinary nourishment, deserts, refreshments and great food.

Origami Paper Game:

The day started with the decoration of Webuilt’s floor. Team members greeted each other happy new year. The event started at 3:00P.M with the start of “Origami Paper Game”.  In this game participants have to fold paper or to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture. It is a piece of movable paper art as well as a game. To make Origami, paper sheets, glue and scissor had given to participants. It was an individual event and one hour was given to everyone for created their funny origami.  In this game, Aanchal won the competition as she created only by folding paper without using scissor or glue showing her best creativity and talent.

 Balloon Bursting Event:

Moving after the Origami competition, Webuilt’s team played the “Balloon Bursting Event” which was played between pair of members. In this game, Balloons had to bust without touching them with hands. Only with the help of chest and maximum 3 minutes was given to participants for bursting the balloons. All the participants were with the full excitement and power. Webuilt’s Team members ware passionately cheering on to everyone to pick up the balloons with fast speed and bust out the maximum balloons. Our most powerful members Parminder and Rahul busted maximum balloons into 3 minutes and won this competition. With the two winners the team excited for the next event and we moved to our next event dart competition.

Darts Game Event:

Darts is a bull’s eye game where we throw an arrow at a sectioned board. Maximum 10 attempts were given to everyone all started to play with full excitement and passionately given their successful attempts. At last player who scored with maximum successful attempts, his named Parminder. Everyone congratulated Parminder and really Darts is the game with power and vision.

All the members ware now full of fun, full of excitement for next event. WeBuilt has thinking of work hard and party hard. Webuilt’s team members participated in every event with passion, incredible efforts and undoubted talent of the team make every moment of the New Year special. We enjoy every moment we get. After playing a game of power the team played a full of fun and daring game, To Do Task is the second last event played by the team. In To Do Task each team member has to do the task they get in the piece of paper they choose from the bowl. All the members performed well on the task they get. All enjoyed in this so much with their task, dancing, singing, acting, jokes. At last but not the least the next event the blowing toys competition full of fun and enthusiasm. It is planned for the employee benefit to promote interaction between employees, to strengthen respiration, improve force and skills. Blowing toys competition is how long you can blow the toy and the one who is having longest blowing power will win. Team is now having increased enthusiasm and excitement. Everyone is trying to increase excitement of other player by encouraging them to keep blowing and contributing to fun. The player who won this competition is Rahul .Everyone laughed, enjoyed, and they loved what they do at Webuilt Technologies.