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Need of ethics in job

Need of ethics in job
August,23,2015 Blog

Ethical behavior is a very important concept. Ethics simply means what is right and wrong. Ethical environment is so important to be developed in the organizations. It provides guidelines how to balance our interests and responsibilities. It provides us corrective solutions, develops confidence in resolving certain issues. It also contributes in moral development of professionals which leads to the organizations towards success.

Importance of ethics

Ethics and morals help people to make good choices. Different ethical codes provide various standards for sorting through and settling moral questions. Ethical ideals can come from ancient philosophers, religious figures, modern scholars and philosophers, and personal beliefs. Though different in each specific philosophy, each type of ethical code contains important core values. Ethics and morals help keep people from acting in ways that harm others. Ethics and morals encourage people to make beneficial, respectful and fair decisions. They encourage equality and common good. One perspective is that a person ideally makes choices based first on ethics, then on legality and finally on efficiency. That is, if two choices are both equally ethical, choose the more lawful one. If both options are equally lawful and ethical, choose the most efficient. This is the kind of issue that has occupied moralists and ethical thinkers since antiquity.

Why Should a Person Have Work Ethics?
Work ethics are very important part of our personal as well as professional life.With the proper work ethics, a person becomes more responsible and focused towards his/her job. The person also cultivates a sense of achievement around his work. This definitely has some positive effects on his/her career growth as well as the progress of the company. The term work ethics means how one looks at his job and what he expects from their job, and how he would go ahead with their profession. The term ethics in the work place means the positive aspects that make the work force of the company, like honesty, integrity, dedication, determination, commitment, etc.

What do you consider to be your most important work ethic?

There are several work ethics and each of them is as important as the other. However, if the interview poses a question about which work ethic would be considered the most important by; you can say that you consider self responsibility and hard working (dedication) to the most important. Self responsibility is most important because it is one of the core work ethics.  Also, if a person has self responsibility and works hard to achieve goals, it is beneficial to the company as well as the person, simply because the company would not have to spend resources keeping an eye on the person as the employee would work well.

There are several work ethics that are important for the success and progress of the company as well as the individual. Apart from the core ethics one can also talk about – honesty, positive attitude and some other important work ethics like – integrity and accountability. Today, being ethical and hiring people with strong ethics is something that is appreciated on a global level. Because the concept of ethics is so widespread, it goes without saying that questions related to ethics will be asked during interviews.