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Management and leadership

Management and leadership
March,11,2016 Blog

Managers are also a leader once at a time, before sitting on the chair of manager they also passed the stage of leader. This paradox never ends up. But the main concert one has to remember as their task is to adopt the correct style and path whenever they managing or either they are leading.

Leader always have only focus to influences other people to achieve an objective, to get the work done he uses attractive and influencing words which makes the powerful image of the leader. Leader achieves the task, keeps the team motivated and empowered so that he can achieve the task. Leader also involves in getting the best out of each and every individual for the benefit of the team’s successful achievement of those goals. A good leader always leads by inspiring, by giving examples, by creating the most encouraging environment to make the team success and for each and every one growth and success, also by empowering the team.

Leader can be a mentor to the team as the leader by parting own knowledge and wisdom onto the team and its individual make a successful team and he/she is the leader of that successful team. With their own teaching skills leaders make team to perform correctly and on their expectation. They encourage and give freedom for individuals to learn and grow by coaching to their team. Leaders also have the counseling power so that they ensure their managers and themselves that every member of the team is motivated and effectively empowered. Leaders have the good listening capability or I can say they are the good listeners; they are being able to listen and get the root causes quickly and effectively. They build strong relationships with the team members and management to ensure the well balancing of the team. Also they build relationship so as to encourage the efforts, fulfill the commitments with the managers and make the development to be done by the team or it can say to have the team work. Leaders bring up the people willing to work along the correct path using their leadership skills and to make a person willing to move at right road brings up persuasion. They brought up the inspiration in the team by inspiring them. The team gets full of enthusiasm injected by the leader and makes the leader to leading a best team and later after year’s passes makes leaders to moves onto the chairs of managers and sooner a new leader is generated from the teams itself. If the team members are getting nervous they motivate and empower them to challenge the issues and crack the norm by focusing and making a clear view in mind on a long term vision or goal.  The leaders lead people whereas a manager tries to manage the bugs and make a co-ordination with the resources and equal balance in the management and its subsequent people around it. The leaders facilitate the changes around the environment and his/ her role is not always a consistent one it goes on changing as per the time and situation. The team members follow the changes that are facilitated by their leaders so they are the followers of leaders and also they can be a resources in the form of humans to the leaders which he uses and moulds in a tray whose are moulds are builded by him according to own needs for the achieving a successful work. Leaders focus is to leading people with a concern of doing the right thing for the welfare of the team and client’s project. He/she values its achievement and always works in the new direction with the new challenges and norms. A Leader takes the risk and breaks the rules with all his actions as proactive. The culture in which a leader tries to insert him and its team is by shaping them and absorbing a culture of shaping. His appeals are made from heart by controlling the personal charm. He starts to work with a vision of long term goals that are aligned in horizon. His approach is to set and leads the direction.

Management set up his normal focus on work and tasks. They are the problem solver they ensure to eliminate the contained problem. Management makes the right decision according to the moment and they are the ultimate decision maker of the organization. They manages the time so as to ensure themselves, their clients and working individuals under them to make the time managing environment and ensures that the task and activities are conducted within the correct time frame. They manages the resource usage, they ensures the company’s directors that effective resources are used for the task at current hand. Managers are planners, organizers, controllers and coordinators. As they are involved in planning , they plan how the resources and task are used what will be the planning for making available of resources and what type of task those resources will perform to achieve the objectives. They also are the part of budgeting as they manage the constraints of the budgets in the department as well as in the project. They are managing the limits of budgets, how much to spend, what will be the use, what are the financial and economic conditions of the firm, what will be the work load, what are the total input resources and outputs of the work, all the current statements are viewed and have a eye so that a budget can be prepared and the budgeting will be feasible. They organize the support functions and resources. They make a clear view on how the task will be done and have the control on the same view. They are controlling on the standards which are required to deliver the objectives and always coordinating and directing the project tasks for achievement of goals. All the activities of the managers and management fits within the subject of resources like money, time, equipment and humans and all those things which  are involved and in the process of achieving the goals, tasks and desired objectives. They are managing the resources and equipments within the limits and bounded area of the system which has some constraints which are already defined for them and make the resources to work in the standards which are set for them. They enforce the desired standards of the work. The role of management is so make up to make stability in the environment by removing conflicts and grievances so as the organization can work smoothly. They have the stability in their role. They are the decision makers who have the approach of planning and they plans well on the details which are around the constraints. They work with the short term vision they plans to fulfill the work requirements by today. They controls on their formal influences and appeals from the head using their brain with no emotions and sensitivity. They have build up the endorsement culture to make their action as reactive and minimize the risk. They make the rules or the creator of rules by moving in the existing direction and keeping in mind the status. Their main concern is to doing the things right and values for the results by focusing on the goal of managing the work. The resources which are available to them in the form of human are their subordinates.

So the main difference between the leaders and managers in the management team is their way and style the approach which are used by both in different way to motivate the people around their working environment to achieve the goals and objectives.

As from all above points we can say the managers are the maintainers of the status, standards to be specialized and their conformance and managing teams and individuals around the set working boundaries, they do organizing and directing to achieve the task. Whereas from above words we can conclude that leaders on the other hand are the visionaries and spearhead the team by motivating and leading them to reach the ultimate path by moving in the correct direction. The destination paths which are decided by managers to achieve them the leaders set their own goals and new directions by challenging the status.

It will be so easy to distinguish between the two but it can be complex because many people are both so relatively easily when both are identical the two people but if both are same people then it’s harder.