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April,6,2016 Blog

WORDPRESS is one the famous and most popular content management is available today. As somebody who codes inside WORDPRESS once a day, it’s simple for WEBUILT Technologies to offer WordPress to customers. They are guaranteed that the CMS stage is future verification – in any event for a long time to come. Be that as it may, downloading and introducing WordPress isn’t sufficient to make the website fruitful for Search Engine Optimization, security, and execution. Be that as it may, the accompanying essential tips will enhance your WORDPRESS site for SEO and the client experience and if you are looking for SMO services provider WEBUILT is one of the professional Social Media Marketing Company in Chandigarh.


The title tag has long been thought of as the most important on-site factor in telling what your website is about. As a matter of course on more seasoned variants of WordPress, post titles would show as “WEBUILT Technologies >>Top Professional Search Engine Optimization Company“. As your landing page is presumably officially positioning for your site name, you’re not offering yourself by putting your site some assistance with naming toward the begin of your title. You don’t have to rank for it more than once. There are so many tools to add tags like SEO yoast and many more you can find in wordpress and the title limit is 50 to 70 character. Short title keywords take long time to rank in search engine as compare to long tail keywords.  For example

Title tags

Your site is related to Software Development Company and your title tag is software development it will take time to rank. But if you use Custom Software Development Services Mohalithen it will help your web site to rank early in search engine.


As like title tags there is one more option is Meta tags. In this we can add more tags related to page.  Its character is 200.  It’s very important that you add the keywords you want your site to be found under in your KEYWORD tag.

Meta Tags


A good Meta description can explain a lot more about an article. I always recommend using Meta description for every blog or website page is very beneficial for us and for user.  While creating met description its very important to that description should be relevant to your site. Because user only reaches your site if description is attract them.


In this example you can clearly see that description is containing our focus keyword which is “Best Custom Web Design and Development Company” and SEO YOAST always recommends use focus keywords in description.  The character length of description is 156.



You incorporate image in your articles to inspire individuals to peruse your content. Well-picked pictures additionally fortify your message. You shouldn’t neglect to give those pictures great alt characteristics: alt tags and title tags reinforce the message towards search engine spiders and enhance the availability of your site. In this post I’ll clarify about alt labels and title labels and why you ought to upgrade those.

If you have images in your design that are purely there for design reasons, you’re doing it wrong, as those images should be in your CSS and not in your HTML. If you really can’t change it, give it an empty alt attribute, like so:

<img src=”image.png” alt=””/>

<img src=”image.png” alt=”Professional Web Design & Web Development Company“/>


You can see in this no keywords is mentioned in alt tags. Which is not good sign of seo. If you add keywords in this alt google will index this image and understand it what this image about. If you not getting this one then you can easily a alt image tag in wordpress.

image alt



A site map is a model of a site’s substance intended to help both clients and web user explore the website. A site guide can be a progressive rundown of pages (with connections) sorted out by point, an association diagram, or a XML archive that gives guidelines to search engine crawl bots. You can add plug-in in WORDPRESS or you can generate sitemap from different sitemap generator. also automatically sends notifications to Google every time you publish or update a post or page. This is similar to how your subscribers get email updates. After installing the sitemap look like this.




You ought to never deal with a site without some type of following. Google Analytics is free thus simple to execute that there’s no reason not to utilize it. Make another investigation profile, and after that introduce Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk. This module makes it simple for you to associate your profile to WordPress without the need to copy and paste and also you can likewise enter the following code physically. Once associated, there are various settings that you ought to change at your attentiveness.

Having analytics on your site can give so much valuable information and offer you some assistance with completing various diverse errands, for example, finding 404 pages, concentrate to what extent a guest scans your site for, and the amount of activity you get from search engine. Wrong usage of investigation can bring about inaccurate information to show. The Google Analytics for WordPress module makes it less demanding for you and includes usefulness, for example, following clients by username, which is helpful for ecommerce locales and disregarding managers who invest a great deal of energy in the site  and cause atypical information, for example, to a great degree high online visits.

Google Analytics tool



The main webmaster tools are:




Google webmaster tool is provided by Google and it’s free. Its help to know about what is going on your site and where your site stands. Along these lines you settle on choices based off of information as opposed to going in aimlessly.  While verify your site you got different options. You can download GWT file and update it with the help of filezila. Second one is copy GWT code and past in WORDPRESS option or you can paste code in header.php btw body. After updating click the verify button. Once your site is verified you can login to GWT.

Google Webmaster Tool

In this example you can check options we got.


Bing Webmaster Tools (beforehand the Bing Webmaster Center) is a free administration as a major aspect of Microsoft’s Bing web crawler which permits website admins to add their sites to the Bing index crawler.

Much the same as Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), Bing’s Webmaster Tools gives some awesome information to website admins to utilize and address potential SEO issues, and serves as the essential component for Bing to impart those issues to webpage proprietors. The greater part of this for the royal whole of free. To verify your site in Bing. It’s similar to Google verification. You can copy the link and paste into header.php or paste code in given Bing option in WordPress and you can download its file and update it with the help of filezila.

Bing Webmaster Tool


Robots.Txt Optimization:

Adding entries to robots.txt to offer SEO some assistance with being well known misguided judgment. Google says you are welcome to utilize robots.txt to piece parts of your site yet nowadays inclines toward you don’t. Use page-level noindex tags rather, to handle low-quality parts of your site. Since 2009, Google has been evermore vocal in its recommendation to abstain from blocking JS and CSS records, and Google’s Search Quality Team has been evermore dynamic in advancing an arrangement of straightforwardness by website admins, to Google check we’re not “shrouding” or connecting to unattractive spam on blocked pages.


These steps are very important for doing seo of any site and always helpful to your site. Every step has their own priorities for site. These steps are very easy to perform. A Webuilt technology is Best and Affordable SEO Service Company as well as Best Offshore Web Development Company in India.