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How to deal with interview stress

How to deal with interview stress
August,23,2015 Blog

Being nervous before or during an interview can ruin your chances of getting a job. It can affect your body language, speech, confidence and also performance. In an already stressful situation it is an issue that has to be deal with.

We have a solution for you that how one should deal with the stress and these simple procedures and steps you can control and reduce your anxiety:-

  • Think happy thoughts
    just prior to the interview think about positive and happy experiences you have had, like family outings, holidays etc. This can help relax you considerably.
  • Keep everything in perspective
    Remind yourself that worst that can happen if you fail in the interview is just that you will not get the job, nothing else. Remember that there are many other jobs that you can apply for and that you have nothing to worry about.
  • Arrive early :Get there with time to spare, this will help you to settle down and make you feel in controlled and confident. If you arrive just few minutes like 3-5 minutes before the interview you will feel rushed, stressful and you will be not in the right frame of mind. 
  • Prepare for the interview
    Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare and arrive for the interview. You can also practice with your friend keep some questions in mind which can be asked by the interviewer. If you have a friend who is also preparing for an interview, consider preparing together. Not only will this give you a way to structure your preparation, but it will also help you get comfortable with giving answers. Make sure you aren’t speaking too slow or too fast so that you are giving answers with the confidence.
  • Get feedback from a friend. Even if you think their feedback isn’t on the mark, it’s something to consider: We don’t always know how we come off to other people.
  • If you are fumbling for an answer on a very basic question, you’re not putting your best foot forward. So preparing for the interview before is the most important step to deal with the stress.
  • Everyone gets nervous
    Relax and reassure yourself by remembering that you are not the only one who gets nervous at an interview. Virtually every other job applicant will feel the same.
  • Go to as many interviews as you can.
    Here is the major fact the the more interviews you go to the more experienced you will become and the less you will dread them.
  • Last, but not the least, are case interviews. Case interviews test your analytical and quantitative skills, logic, and knowledge of relevant If the interviewer is asking such questions it’s your job to come up with a solution and explain to the interviewer how you would arrive at the solution.