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Diwali Party

Diwali Party
November,11,2015 Blog

Diwali is the most awaited festival in every part of India every year. It is the time when feelings of happiness are shared among friends. All are filled with enthusiasm and excitement as it is best opportunity to connect with each other. Diwali festival start from Dussehra as people began on a shopping spree. Diwali is thought to be a decent day to purchase new garments, so people that day purchase new garments and wear it. In the nights, people burst crackers and distribute sweets and gifts. Blessing as silver coins is given on the event.

Feeling home at your workplace on special occasions like Diwali is the best thing when you don’t get much time to celebrate with your families, so WeBuilt also try their best to create family time in office. Diwali is festival of light, Webuilt’s office and workstation decorated in the morning with colorful lights lamps, hangings and lighting of diyas filled the WeBuilt environment in the festive mood. Traditional decoration brought a smile to the faces of Webuilt’s team members. Divas have brightened up the entire floor of WeBuilt, spreading happiness all around. Diwali is all about happiness and fun. The five – day festival represents the triumph of light over dark, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. All the members dressed nicely. Diwali celebration in WeBuilt build-up team spirit as all the people actively participate and thus are able to have network with each other and stronger connection between them.

Rangoli Decoration at Webuilt Technologies:

As Rangoli design is very important aspect of Diwali décor, so the decoration was followed by the Rangoli decoration in a group. The ground floor of Webuilt was decorated by team members with wonderful Rangoli designs. Followed by Rangoli competition, the poster making competition between two groups based on Diwali theme was announced. Both group created the nice posters. Here are the few pics which show great talents at work.

Diwali Celebration at Webuilt Technologies:

In the snacks party at Webuilt Technologies sweets are distributed to everyone, all enjoyed a lot. Diwali gifts were also distributed by the Webuilt’s M.D. to everyone with the wish to success, good health and wealth.  All the team members together fired the crackers with full fun, enthusiasm and energy. Everyone enjoyed each moment of the celebration and the spirit of Diwali is turned out to colorful. Webuilt always find ways to keep their employees motivated so that they work with full spirit even around their most awaited festival of lights. All the fun and frolic at WeBuilt make us a happy team. Webuilt Technologies looks forward to more such events.